Body Sculpting For Non-Surgical Fat Loss and Cellulite Reduction!

Destroy Fat Cells & Breakdown Cellulite!

Results can be seen as early as 1 treatment!

2 Convenient Locations: Madison & Janesville, WI

Our Body Sculpting Treatments are perfect for fine tuning those areas that exercise and diet can't touch or you can add to any weight loss program!

  • FDA: To break down cellulite fibers

  • Destroy Fat Cells

  • Tighten saggy skin

  • Treat any area (except breast)

  • ​Safe & non-surgical

  • No pain

  • ​Can treat multiple areas

  • ​Inexpensive Package Pricing

  • ​Get excited about your body again!


Consultation and Assessment
Begin your journey with a comprehensive consultation and assessment. We understand that everyone's body is unique, which is why we create a personalized plan tailored to your specific goals and needs.

Cutting-Edge Technology
Our state-of-the-art body sculpting technologies utilize the latest advancements in science and aesthetics to target and eliminate stubborn fat cells, cellulite, and sagging skin.

Witness the magic as our body sculpting treatments work their wonders over the course of 2-4 weeks. Watch as your body undergoes a remarkable transformation, revealing the toned and sculpted physique you've always dreamed of. Our treatments are designed not only to remove excess fat but also to contour and enhance your natural curves.

Ask about our 6-week Jumpstart weight Loss Program! With any 3 pack or more receive $300 off our scientifically and clinically proven weight loss program! We see up to 35 lbs. weight loss in 6-weeks!!!

Don't Waste Another season Feeling Lousy, overweight and not happy with your body!

Dr. Angela Rahm

Dr. Angela has joined with Maureen Henderson to create several programs for those struggling to lose weight, reduce or get off of medications that no longer are helping them feel their best, and to educate them on how to live a healthy and non-toxic life.

We will discuss your health concerns and from there will offer you options that are customized to you.

Here are a few of our specialties!

Comprehensive Weight Loss Programs

Jumpstart Health Protocols

Thyroid Health Protocols

Immune-Cancer-Diabetes Preventative Programs

Easy to follow 30-Day Detoxing

Customized Supplement Packs

Testing: Full Blood Panels, Food Sensitivity, Nutritional Deficiencies (Hair-Tiessue Analysis) and more...

Maureen came to see Dr. Angela after doctors removed her thyroid. She had a very traumatic experience that left her thyroid in a hyper function and doctors told her she would die of a heart attack if they didn't remove it. So they scheduled her for surgery. Post surgery, her 4'11" frame gained 40 lbs. in 2 months and she could not get out of bed. She was beyond exhausted and her brain was not functioning at all. Within a couple months of working with Dr. Angela she regained her health and lost 30 lbs. She was able to go back to work and function at a high performing level once again!
Today she works with Dr. Angela to help people all over the country learn how to heal their body.
She quickly realized it was not her thyroid that was the problem. It was her nutritional deficiencies, adrenals, a chronic undiagnosed low-grade infection, and most of all STRESS! The medical professionals did not do the appropriate testing and they misdiagnosed her condition. Today she is dependant upon medications and could die if she can't get her thyroid meds (just like a diabetec who relies on insulin). Dr. Angela and Maureen hope to save others from this hell she had to go through. Their desire is to educate you on the importance of proper testing, understanding the results and helping YOU become your best health advocate!!


What Happens At Your Consult?

It is very simple. We will discuss your struggles with weight. Find out about your goals, current health status and what is the time frame you are looking at.

Is this program safe if you are on multiple medications?

We have yet turned someone away due to medications if their goals are reasonable and understand we are not a substitute for their medical provider.

Will your program work if I am unable or do not like to workout?

The good news is there is no exercise requirement with our program. We do recommend light exercise such as walking or hiking, low impact-light weights, leisure activities but nothing strenupous or high intensity. Moving is extremely important for health and we adjust and suggest movement on a per client basis.

Where Is Your Clinic Located?

We have 2 clinics. Madison-West-Side and janesville-Downtown in WI. We also work with clients all across the US.

Do you take insurance?

Insurance companies do not usually support health related businesses. Since it was developed for a sick care or emergency reason, insurance is not taken for our program.

How much is your program?

Our program is customized and determining the right program for you is the first step. During your Free Discovery call we will be able to better answer that,

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